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Patients diagnosed with cancer face major challenges. While one needs to think about how to move forward, or what to do next, and is urged to pursue with some treatment quickly, one also is a real life person that has to somehow function for the family, everyday life and work. We strongly believe that a trustful patient-doctor relationship is a key-element in a successful and long-term aimed oncology treatment. One needs to find an oncologists who one really trusts in. It needs to be someone who takes time listening to you, who is willing to understand you in all aspects and is willing to discuss any thought that comes across your mind. It needs to be someone who is honest with you, is informing you about risks, benefits, and limitations. Our HPC Campus is proud to provide a team of oncology experts who have devoted themselves for working in your best interest and achieving your best treatment success. Our team is open-minded about all oncological therapy aspects and provide a multidisciplinary and comprehensive guidance.


A treatment that works for one cancer patient, does not necessarily work for another cancer patient. Access to patient-individualized therapies in an oncology center of excellence is the basis for a long-term and successful therapy approach. Cancer therapies are very complex and one needs to explore all possibilities for the individual patient. Whether a patient benefits from a surgery, neo-/adjuvant chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, genetic targeted therapy, biological therapy or of a combination of these, is highly depending on many aspects that need to be considered. On the one hand, one needs to consider the current situation, general health status as well as the past medical history. But on the other hand one also needs to look at the tumor itself to understand from what targeted treatment the patient could benefit the best, and then find a way to provide the patient access to this treatment quickly, since time for cancer patients is absolutely critica.


Under the stressful state of cancer diagnosis, patients are often facing physical- and psychological difficulties. Side effects of the tumor itself or certain therapies are unavoidable. But you can prevent certain side effects and you can make treatments easier to tolerate for patients with supportive therapy concepts. This can include supportive infusion programs, massages, psycho-oncological care, good food and warm and caring environment.



As a specialized center for haemato-oncology patients, we provide guidance, therapy, and support for any kind of haemato-oncological diseases at all stages. Our team follows the continuously updated international guidelines for cancer therapies, and is able to provide individualized therapies for patients that need a targeted therapeutic approach outside of clinical trials.



Immunotherapies are highly specialized and targeted treatments that affect the patient’s immune system. Research is going on for years to identify and evaluate new therapeutic methods that have the highest potential against cancer cells. The various approaches within the field of cancer immunotherapy demand the expertise by specialized immuno-oncologists in order to provide the most promising therapy concepts.

Optimized Conventional Cancer Therapies

As part of a comprehensive treatment concept, we want to improve the general well-being of our patients. In doing so, we particularly put emphasis on our main aim: Targeted therapies that eliminate cancer cells with greater accuracy, and less side effects. In the last decade, the discovery and development of small molecule anticancer drugs has been revolutionized.

Complementary Approaches

It is well-known that patients with a malignant and progressive disease often feel tired and exhausted, due to suffering greatly, e.g. from side effects of the cancer itself or chemotherapeutic agents, as well as from immunotherapies. This can lead to depressive mood changes, lack of motivation, restlessness, loss of vitality or appetite, among others. The addition of complementary approaches, can lead to a much better tolerance of targeted treatments, and the patient experience less side effects, leading to more motivation, positivity, and life quality.


Guidance, Treatment

Prior to making any specific arrangements, we will ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Details of your medical history/report
  • Results of any exams, e.g.blood tests and scans
  • Written histopathology report, if applicable
  • Details of any treatment you may have received to date
  • Current medication list

All these documents need to be in English or German, or with an English or German translation if the originals are not in English or German.



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We can provide ambulatory treatment settings, as well as 24hrs monitoring – according to your individual needs and necessities.


We collaborate with the leading university hospitals in Germany and world-wide to provide our patients with the most upfront techniques and novel treatments.


Medical treatment works hand in hand with unspoiled nature in a health promoting ambience, combined with excellent care, and in-depth and thorough patient-doctor communication.


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